1987 Catalog

"Players have long admired the legendary sound of Fender guitars and basses.  Squier – a long standing member of the Fender family – brings you brilliant executions of these instruments at remarkably affordable prices.  The design and production of the Squier line of instruments is supervised by Fender’s master craftsmen.  Everything from the selection of quality hardwoods, to the winding of pickups, right down to the final setup must meet Fender’s demanding specifications.  The final result is a brilliant sound, superior playability and solid, dependable quality.

So that you can choose an instrument that matches your playing style, the Squier lineup offers guitars with various pickup configurations, tremolo systems and body shapes.  The widely imitated and instantly recognizable Fender headstock and neck comes with maple or rosewood fretboards.  And adjustable bridges and truss rods make them easy to set up for different string gauges and playing styles."


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