Welcome to the Squier wiki. The goal of this wiki is to provide information on all items associated with the Squier name. The main focus is on guitars and basses.

Every effort is made to ensure information in this wiki is correct, however there will no doubt be discrepancies on some pages. If you find a page in error, please let us know.

Wiki History

While the wiki is new, the information presented here has been being collected since 2011. Originally all information was in a Word document made available on the web as a PDF file. Most of the information here is a direct import of that document.

What's New

November 2021
New Colors - Paranormal Baritone Cabronita Telecaster
New Colors - Paranormal Cabronita Telecaster Thinline
New Colors - Paranormal Cyclone
New Colors - Paranormal Offset Telecaster
New Colors - Paranormal Super-Sonic
New Colors - Paranormal Toronado
New Colors - Bullet Mustang HH

July/August 2021
Added Contemporary Stratocaster Special HT
Added Contemporary Telecaster RH
Added Contemporary Stratocaster HH FR
Added Contemporary Stratocaster Special
Added Mini Stratocaster (V3?)

December 2020
Added Katana Bass

November 2020
Added Affinity Mini Player
Added Bullet Stratocaster HT (2nd Version)
Added Showmaster Modern Bass MB-4
Added Showmaster Modern Bass MB-5

October 2020
Added Mini Jazzmaster HH
Added Mini Precision Bass

August 2020
Added Paranormal Baritone Cabronita Telecaster
Added Paranormal Cabronita Telecaster Thinline
Added Paranormal Cyclone
Added Paranormal Offset Telecaster
Added Paranormal Super-Sonic
Added Paranormal Toronado

December 2019
Added Bullet Telecaster
Added Classic Vibe '60s Custom Telecaster
Added Classic Vibe '50s Telecaster
Added Classic Vibe '50s Stratocaster
Added Classic Vibe '70s Precision Bass
Added Classic Vibe '60s Mustang Bass
Added Classic Vibe '50s Precision Bass
Added Classic Vibe '60s Jazz Bass Fretless
Added Classic Vibe Jaguar Bass

September 2019
Added Classic Vibe Starcaster
Added Affinity Starcaster
Added Contemporary Starcaster

May 2019
Added Squier II Standard Stratocaster
Added Squier II Contemporary Stratocaster
Added Squier Stratocaster Pack
Added Affinity Series Strat HSS Pack
Added "Danish Pete" Honoré Telecaster FSR
Added 2002 Squier Catalog (Frontline)
Added MA-1 Acoustic
Added MC-1 Acoustic
Added SC-7 Acoustic
Added SD-6 Acoustic
Added SB-31 Acoustic
Added Article "Affinity/Standard Tele History"

April 2019
Added Classic Vibe ‘60s Mustang
Added Classic Vibe ‘60s Jazzmaster
Added Classic Vibe ‘70s Jaguar
Added Classic Vibe ‘70s Telecaster Thinline
Added Classic Vibe ‘70s Telecaster Deluxe
Added Classic Vibe ‘70s Telecaster Custom
Added Classic Vibe ‘70s Stratocaster HSS
Added Classic Vibe '70s Stratocaster
Added Classic Vibe '70s Jazz Bass V
Added Classic Vibe '60s Jazz Bass
Added Classic Vibe '60s Precision Bass
Added Classic Vibe Bass VI
Added Classic Vibe '70s Jazz Bass
Added ST331 Stratocaster
New picutres for Katana, Venus

Aug 2018
Squier Price Lists added to Catalog Page
Added Contemporary Jazzmaster
Added new VM '70s Strat colors
Added Resources page
Added Squier Prototype section
Updated Color Codes - Most have a sample now.

Feb 2018
Added Contemporary Series guitars

Oct 10, 2017
Added Article section plus an article on Korean Squiers.

May 2017
Right now everything is new! As the wiki become more matures, the plan is this section will list the latest updates.







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