Stagemaster Series

"This summer, all illusions of what a Squier guitar should be will be shattered with the introduction of the new Stagemaster Series. Sleek, edgy and the best value on the market, the Stagemaster Series is in a class of its own with an all new attitude and modern features, including 7-string and neck-through-body models.

For players who have come to know and love Squier brand’s standards of excellence, the new Stagemaster Series are no different - yet they’ve got something unique that’s not typically found with traditional Squier guitars. Designed with today’s more edgy guitarist in mind, the Stagemaster Series will propel Squier to the head of the hard-rock oriented guitar market dominated by today’s younger players.

The quality and playability of the Stagemaster Series rivals that of guitars four or five times their price, which will catch the eyes of guitarists who are on a budget and want the value that defines Squier brand guitars. Once seen and played, it’s clear that these guitars are in a league of their own. They’re not expensive, but look, feel and sound as if they are.

All of the seven guitars in the series feature a sleek new double-cutaway body design without pickguards and a 24-Jumbo-fret, reverse-headstock neck with a modern 12.5" radius that’s matched to the bridge and nut for optimum playability. Special care was given to improve the quality and tone of all the Stagemaster pickups, which are now all paraffin-soaked (potted) to minimize microphonics, just like many premium after-market brands."


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