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    Stratan83 (unverified) 07/17/2018 11:24

    Serial # IC000 squier strat 70s reissue neck short scale
    Is this possible. I thought they didn't run those till 09

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    Airton Seligman (unverified) 07/29/2018 16:49

    Hi, I have a Squier II from thge eighties (probabli) with no serial number whatsoever. Where does it come from?
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      admin (unverified) 08/01/2018 10:33

      I believe the Squier II was made in Korea
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    Jason (unverified) 03/10/2019 12:50

    From Jmn3271 at gmail.com:
    From jmn3271 at gmail.com:
    I have a Lake Placid Blue Squier made in Korea. The serial number is E100562 in silver. Everything I have researched and seen has 6 numbers after the E1. Have you ever seen a E1 with only 5 more numbers. I’m assuming it’s one of the first made Korean Squier Strat’s in 1987 but it’s so hard to get any reliable info. Any info you can provide would be very appreciated. Please reach out to me if you need pictures or have questions.

    • admin 04/24/2019 07:13

      Sorry I don't have an answer to your question, but if you ask it on http://www.squier-talk.com I'm sure you can get an answer. Lot's of knowledgeable people on that forum.
  • DavidR8 03/12/2019 11:40

    How does a person add information to a model page?
    • admin 03/15/2019 09:04

      On the bottom of each page, there should be a comment button to allow you to leave additional information. Or, if you can the "Contact Us" and I will update the page.
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    DjMelchor (unverified) 03/15/2019 16:34

    de que año es mi fender stratocaster de numero de serial ZO816222
  • gmichael56 04/26/2019 23:31

    My Squier from china,and I can't find any information.CY181006215=S/n
    Thanks for any info

    • admin 05/12/2019 18:35

      Unfortunately, just the Serial # isn't enough to identify a Squier. If you post some pics on http://www.squier-talk.com someone will be able to help you out. It's a great forum!
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    Ian (unverified) 03/21/2020 01:57

    Hello there
    Picked up a Squier P-Bass California Series. Want to know when it was made... Where do the serial numbers live on these? It has a sticker on the head - Number 2005062902... 6th month 2005?
    Anybody please help here?

  • NoChrome66 01/01/2021 13:43

    Happy New Year everyone! First time SW user, first time post. I really like this site. Being 50 plus years old, I've watched Squier for a long time. Many of my best guits are Squiers. Now I have a place to go to for more info, etc.

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